Merrifield Master Plan Area included within Melbourne North Investigation Area

December 2, 2008

As part of the 'Melbourne @ 5 Million' Urban Growth Boundary Review, the Hon. Minister for Planning, Justin Madden, has invited submissions for land within Melbourne North Investigation Area, which includes the 1,163 hectare Merrifield Master Plan Area (MMPA).


The proposed inclusion of the land within the MMPA in the UGB is an entirely logical progression of the fast growing Hume Corridor.  The work undertaken to date by Merrifield Corporation demonstrates that a community of between 25,000 - 30,000 people can be readily housed and employed within the MMPA and the adjoining employment area.


The servicing infrastructure for the MMPA has been planned and is currently being procured to provide sufficient capacity, as part of the augmentation required for development of the Merrifield employment area.


Merrifield Corporation is committed to delivering an employment-led community for Melbourne's North.  By delivering residential land and generating employment opportunities - to strengthen the jobs / housing balance that the Hume Corridor currently provides.

Merrifield has the ability to deliver the sustainable growth synergies sought by State and Local Government policy, by providing ‘jobs where people live'.