December 16, 2020


  • Featuring:

    Tennis court including a hit-up wall
  • 2 basketball hoops
  • Fitness equipment
  • Picnic shelter
  • Commando course with rope net, hurdles and tyre steppers
  • Playground
  • Swing set
  • And more open space!

Ace reserve – now open

With two parks already delivered, our community can now enjoy Ace Reserve – our third state-of-the-art park. Merrifield residents will be hitting tennis balls these summer holidays! Ace Reserve is located on corner Rosehill Boulevard and Monomeath Drive.

Located within the highly desirable Midtown precinct, Ace Reserve enables you to live a healthy and active life! Inspired by movement and placemaking, we wanted to provide a range of sport and fitness facilities for the community to enjoy together.

Every home in Merrifield is within a 5 minute walk of a park, designed as the centrepiece to each neighbourhood and cultivate a stronger sense of community.

“We consulted residents on what they would like to see in future parks and incorporated these features into the design. Fitness equipment, a picnic shelter and space to play ball games are top priorities for our residents. Taking this inspiration, together with MDG Landscape Architects, we created a tailored, active-play experience that promotes healthy living”.

Development Manager, Tom Kottek

With an array of premium amenity already in place and a strong and clear vision for what’s to come, Merrifield is your only choice to start living the future you want, without having to wait. With Merrifield City opening before the end of the year and the Merrifield West primary school (interim name), community centre and sports reserve all opening in 2021, there’s never been a better time to start a new life in Merrifield.