February 27, 2019


Meet the Operators Behind Crepe Craze at The Corner Store


Hailey and Maria are the proud new operators of Crepe Craze at The Corner Store. We asked them some questions about the café, and why they decided to open one at Merrifield.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in the café business?

We both wanted to pursue a career in the cafe business for a while, and both come from very different jobs. For us, it was to try something different to what we were doing before and to just give it a go and see where it takes us.

Tell us about the history of Crepe Craze at the Merrifield Farmers’ Market.

We first began our business journey at the Merrifield Farmers’ Market. Our first ever market was there and over the months, began to notice that we had regular customers, and had been receiving great, positive feedback. We had a gazebo set up first, then a few months later we purchased a food trailer – and now our little business lives here at Merrifield! 

Why did you want to open Crepe Craze at The Corner Store at Merrifield?

We became interested in The Corner Store as we used to see it every time we attended the Farmers’ Market and always thought it was such a great idea. We enquired about it pretty quickly and now we are so glad that we did! 

What excites you most about having Crepe Craze at The Corner Store now opened at Merrifield?

It would be the potential for growth. We have already felt such a good vibe with the neighbours and love having regular customers and seeing new faces on a daily basis.

What role do you see Crepe Craze playing in connecting the local Merrifield Community?

We feel that Crepe Craze provides Merrifield residents with a comfortable place to come and relax and enjoy some good food, yummy crepes and a nice hot or cold drink. With the new addition of the container dining area, we feel that it has become more inviting for people including the kids. We just want everyone to feel welcome, comfortable and at home.

What’s your secret to keeping customers coming in? What have been some of your most popular items on the menu, and where did they originate?

Our secret to keeping customers coming in is through providing quality food, a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, and always strive to provide excellent customer service with a smile and a good chat. Our most popular items are definitely our chicken pita souvlaki and Nutella crepes. And our coffee, of course!

What can customers expect from Crepe Craze at the Corner Store?

Customers can expect us to always listen to their input and suggestions for improving our service. We hope that customers can always feel welcome to come down for a coffee and a chat and also feel comfortable enough to use the café as a catch up space with friends, family or colleagues.

What’s on the horizon for Crepe Craze at The Corner Store?

We hope that we can expand and offer more great things like local delivery, catering for local events, community nights with special deals and discounts as well as extending our trading hours until later in the evening for those who love a late dinner or an after-dinner dessert. We really look forward to seeing what the future holds for Crepe Craze at the Corner Store! 



Corner Newmarket Parade & Kinkora Avenue, Merrifield

Opening Hours:

7am – 3pm Weekdays

9am – 5pm Weekends