June 20, 2017


Merrifield set to expand

Merrifield joint venture partners MAB and GPC have acquired an additional 131 hectares of land in Donnybrook Road as part of an expansion of Merrifield that will include approximately 900 residential lots alongside approximately 60 hectares of industrial land.

This will provide Merrifield with the capacity to deliver in excess of 8,000 homes and accommodate a residential population of more than 25,000 people within the rapidly expanding northern growth corridor of Melbourne.

MAB Chief Operating Officer, David Hall said the expansion will increase Merrifield’s focus on becoming the new epicentre of Melbourne’s north, providing an employment hub with capacity to create around one-third of all new jobs planned in the corridor.

“Our vision for Merrifield has always been to create a new city for Melbourne’s north and to provide a new way of living in Melbourne’s growth areas, by delivering a strong local economy and diverse employment precincts in close proximity to where people live.”

The additional industrial land included in the acquisition now provides Merrifield with more than 300 hectares of saleable industrial land and further strengthens the project’s emphasis on employment.

“The result is more residents, more job opportunities and the ability to push forward on delivering key services for the Merrifield community,” said David.