Merrifield Business Park Launch Video

Merrifield Business Park Launch Video

Be accessible
to be connected

  • 1

    405,000 Person Labour Force - located within a 30 minute drive (forecast to reach 658,000 by 2040)

  • 2

    Supply Chain Benefits - 24/7 operations, unrestricted B-triple access and co-location opportunities with Australia's top companies

  • 3

    80% Population Coverage - Deliver goods and services to over 80% of Australia's population within 12 hours

  • 4

    Competitive Transport Advantages - local, national and international markets are all within easy reach, with direct access to the Hume Freeway and key rail, road, port and airport infrastructure

  • 5

    Unrivalled Flexibility and Exposure - highly visible frontages and tailor-made sites up to 30ha, which include opportunities for future expansion. Flexible zone controls provide a range of industrial and commercial land uses.

  • 6

    67 Hectares of Open Space - beautifully landscaped parks and reserves for employees and visitors to enjoy

  • 7

    Services and Infrastructure - essential services plus nbn, gas and recycled water connections

  • 8

    330 Hectare Site with $1.2bn Investment - creating up to 25,000 new jobs

  • 9

    Development Ready - planning approved and fully serviced sites are now available. Early construction access options are also available.