August 24, 2023


Community Art Paver Project – Merrifield Community Pathways

Calling all Merrifield residents!

To help celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we are calling on Merrifield residents to put their own touch into the design of the next Merrifield park!

The Merrifield Community Pathways Paver Project is a unique and exciting opportunity for Merrifield residents to leave an everlasting mark on personalised pavers, to be placed at the entry of Belmore Park (corner of Belmore Parade and St Georges Boulevard), opening in April 2024.

Want to get involved?

The personalised pavers will be installed into exposed aggregate paving under the entry feature to Belmore Park.

There will only be 1 paver per Merrifield household. Your paver must include your family surname, along with a supporting drawing.
You can participate by downloading the form here or pick one up from the Merrifield Sales Centre. Entries close on Sunday 22 October 2023.