June 12, 2019


Connect with your neighbours over a Street BBQ

Did you know that social connection is one of the three most important Social Determinants – factors in our society that affect many areas of our health? To assist in facilitating a strong foundation of good mental and physical health for the Merrifield community Connect 4 Wellbeing is throwing street BBQs so that people can stop, chat and meet their immediate neighbours while enjoying a meal together.

How it will work – Connect 4 Wellbeing will bring the BBQ, food and drinks, napkins and sauce, do the set-up, the cooking and the clean-up. We are looking for residents (on a street by street basis) interested in hosting the BBQ – perhaps the nature strip, driveway or shady nearby tree – deliver the invites to letterboxes and provide a smiling welcome as neighbours drop by.

If you’re keen to say hi to neighbours give Nicola from the Connect 4 Wellbeing program a call or text on 0439 376 995 and she can provide more details and get your preferred date into her calendar.