March 01, 2018


Meet the owner of M-FIT Pilates and Fitness, Michelle Inquanti

Recipient of the Merrifield Community Grants Program

One day while refining her resume, M-Fit founder Michelle was struck by one consistent theme in her professional life – a desire to help others. Even then, it wasn’t until she’d started regularly teaching Pilates and Group Fitness that Michelle was struck by the depth of that realisation.

‘Being able to see the transformation in people – whether seeing them grow fitter, stronger, heal from an injury or discover a new passion – made me aware that what I do is more a calling than a job,’ she says.

Inspired by a supportive family and a love of movement from a young age, an appreciation of the body’s natural flow has always been a big motivator with Michelle beginning dance classes at age 5. ‘My mother actually took me to them when I was younger as I was so uncoordinated,’ Michelle laughs.

Her embrace of Pilates had a more serious cause however. Picking it up following a series of back-related injuries, Michelle credits the practice as having played a major role in her rehabilitation and conditioning. ‘I loved the way it made my body feel and I wanted to share my experiences with others. I went on to gain my qualification in Pilates and in Fitness and have not looked back.’

Having grown up in the northern parts of Melbourne, the creation of Merrifield presented a perfect opportunity for Michelle to pursue her ideal work/life balance with the foundation of M-Fit in Merrifield. With her land recently titled and the opportunities enabled by the Merrifield Community Grants Program, Michelle feels blessed how things have come together.

‘My dream has always been to start my own business. Sometimes life takes you on a detour but then something wonderful comes along’, she says of what the Merrifield Community Grants Program has helped her achieve. ‘Plus, I loved Merrifield’s concept of having a city within a city, of being part of a community that looks out for each other and grows together.’

With classes covering BOXFIT, Pilates Fusion, HIIT (High-Impact Interval Training) and Yoga, M-Fit clearly has much to contribute to residents. ‘2018 is about helping people feel good about themselves, to have fun and make new friends,’ says Michelle . ‘It’s never too late to start. We only have one body and one life, and it’s time to embrace it!’

M-FIT has commenced classes at the Merrifield Neighbourhood Park. Click here to view timetable and prices.