*Indicative of overall progress only. Construction stages may overlap.


  • Authority Approval
  • Earthworks
  • Sewer & Drainage
  • Water & Gas
  • Subgrade
  • Kerb & Channel
  • Electrical & NBN
  • Footpaths, Asphalt & Topsoiling
  • Construction Complete
  • Statement of Compliance
  • Titles & Plan Registration

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Overall Progress:

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Authority Approval

Before any construction works can commence all plans must first be approved by the relevant external authorities (Council, Yarra Valley Water, Jemena).


Removal of topsoil for future reclaimed use, preparation and reshaping of ground to allow road construction and surface drainage for entire Stage.

Sewer & Drainage

Laying of trunk sewers, sewer pipeline reticulation and provision of sewer connections to each lot, with underground drainage system and connection points for road drainage.

Water & Gas

Essential water and gas service pipelines laid and connected to each lot.


The base material beneath constructed roads in place, engineered for stability and consistency.

Kerb & Channel

Located at the edge of a road and typically composed of concrete, kerbs serve a protective function for homes against road-based vehicles, while channels convey storm water from road surfaces to underground drainage.

Electrical & NBN

The provision of electrical and communications cabling to each lot, to supply power and high speed internet to homes.

Footpaths, Asphalt & Topsoiling

The roads are finished and sealed with asphalt, a bituminous mix of sand and gravel.

Construction Complete

All construction works completed, allowing for the compliance processing to commence.

Statement of Compliance

Hume City Council and external service authorities provide a formal declaration confirming all construction has been completed in accordance with the approved plans.

Titles & Plan Registration

Plan of Subdivision officially registered at Land Titles Victoria, enabling final settlement to take place.